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As a primary care physician, Dr. Lowenthal is a specialist in prevention, screening and treatment for common medical conditions. After exploring your unique background including genetics, lifestyle and personal concerns, she will make recommendations to maximize the quality and longevity of your life. She diagnoses and treats a wide array of chronic diseases and will connect you with top-rated specialists as necessary. Additionally, Dr. Lowenthal provides routine women’s healthcare, everyday urgent care and geriatric medicine. She also treats common mental health conditions and performs minor office-based surgical procedures.

Dr. Lowenthal’s main areas of practice within primary care include:

+ Internal Medicine

Internal medicine is the mainstay of Dr. Lowenthal’s practice. She treats and monitors chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, endocrine issues, autoimmune disorders and numerous other conditions. Her goal is to help you avoid complications as well as unnecessary hospitalizations. If she determines a specialist is needed, she can refer you to top-rated expert at either community or academic medical centers.

+ Geriatrics/Elder Care

Dr. Lowenthal’s approach to geriatric care encompasses not only physical health but also psycho-social, economic and historical factors that often impact the lives of adults 65 and older. Her care is aimed at preserving or improving quality of life as well as fostering independence for as long as possible.

+ Urgent Care

Dr. Lowenthal treats a wide range of everyday urgent care needs from colds and flu, to rashes, urinary tract infections, upset stomach, minor injuries and more. You can count on same or next day appointments and she is available by phone or patient portal when you are unable to come into the office.

+ Women’s Health

Dr. Lowenthal provides routine gynecologic care, including annual Pap tests to screen for cervical cancer, breast cancer screening and mammography referrals, treatment of urinary tract infections, menopausal symptoms and other conditions specific to women. Some women may have an OB/Gyn provider and prefer to continue that relationship. Dr. Lowenthal is more than happy to collaborate with your current OB/Gyn or to provide you “one stop shopping”, whichever you prefer.

+ Nutrition, Exercise and Lifestyle

Believing strongly in prevention of disease through healthy food, exercise and lifestyle choices, Dr. Lowenthal can help you come up with a structured plan for behavioral change. She will then guide and support you as you work towards your change goals.

+ Mental Health

Dr. Lowenthal has a special interest in mental health issues and treats a range of conditions including depression, anxiety, insomnia, substance abuse, smoking cessation and others. Some patients with eating disorders have co-existing mental health issues and she is often able to treat both. When indicated, she will refer to a local psychiatrist.

+ Minor Procedures

With additional training in General Surgery, Dr. Lowenthal provides minor office-based procedures such as suture removals, laceration repairs, lumps and bumps, skin biopsies, trigger point injections, cryotherapy and joint injections.


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