What is Concierge Medicine?


The Problem

If you utilize today’s primary care system you probably experience long wait times and difficultly accessing care.  When you finally get an appointment, the doctor spends the majority of your visit typing into the computer, making minimal eye contact and not truly hearing you.  An opportunity for trust-building and connection is lost and foundational ingredients of the Doctor-Patient relationship are compromised.

This model is ultimately driven by poor reimbursement rates from insurance companies. Primary care physicians must see 20-30 patients per day in 10-15 visits and manage well over 2,500 patients just to meet operating expenses and take home a modest salary.  The workload and administrative burdens of this model trickle down and result in suboptimal care of patients.

A Solution: Concierge Medicine

Concierge Medicine offers a different model.  Sometimes called Membership-Based, “Boutique” or Direct Pay, this model takes the “middle man” out of the Doctor-Patient relationship.  While insurance is billed for labs, prescriptions, studies and other out of office services, the face to face time with the doctor is paid directly by the patient via an annual membership fee and/or office visit fees. 

This model eliminates the need for the doctor to have a large patient load and to see more patients faster.  Concierge practices are much smaller than mainstream practices and visits are as long as you need. Sometimes likened to how medicine used to be practiced in the “good ol’ days”, patients have the opportunity to develop a close and trusting long-term relationship with the doctor.

Additionally, most concierge practices offer enhanced services such as 24/7 access by phone/email, same and next day appointments, hands-on treatment team coordination, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, home visits and others.



Membership Types

Dr. Lowenthal provides two types of care plans with two different payment structures: 

  1. Primary Care

  2. Eating Disorder Care 

Insurance and/or Medicare will be billed for all labs, studies, referrals, hospitalizations and out of office procedures. 

All in-office visits are payable at the time of the visit.  We will happily provide you with a super-bill to submit to insurance. 

Primary Care

Annual membership fees range from $3600-$4800 and includes the following services:

  • Comprehensive Annual Physical Exam 

  • Customized Wellness Plan

  • Extended office visits

  • 24/7 access by phone and secure messaging 

  • Same and next-day appointments

  • One-on-One Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

  • Patient Portal for secure messaging and records

  • Hospital visits 

  • Home visits (additional fee may apply)

  • Nursing home visits (additional fee may apply)

  • Complimentary care for out of town guests 

  • Children under 26 years included in membership 

All membership fees can be paid monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually and is cancelable at any time.

Eating Disorder Care

Membership fee is $300/mo and covers treatment team collaboration and family meetings outside of regular office visit time.

All office visits are payable at the time of the visit and reimbursed by private insurance (not reimbursable by Medicare).

Services include:

Initial Comprehensive Assessment:  120 mins

  • Review of treatment to date

  • Full history and physical

  • EKG

  • Vital signs, ordering of initial labs

  • Initial referrals

  • Family meeting (children/teens or people who want to include loved ones in their care)

  • Fee: $950 (reimbursable by insurance)

Follow-Up Visits: 30-45 mins 

  • Vital signs, physical exam

  • Ongoing medical management of nutritional and physical symptoms

  • Ongoing counseling and support

  • Fee: $250 (reimbursable by insurance)

Treatment Team Collaboration:

  • Ongoing weekly-monthly communication and care coordination with your treatment team (therapist, psychiatrist, dietician).

  • Fee: $300/mo

Membership fees can be paid monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually and is cancelable at any time.


Be Well.

We believe in a hands on approach and are happy to meet with you to assess if we are the right fit for your health care needs.

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